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Dr Caruth is great, my procedure went far better than expected. Great recovery time, just follow the instructions given. Dr. Caruth definitely knows what he is doing. His staff is very empathetic and sincere, most of all very helpful and accessible for follow up and after care. *

Teri M 2012-10-10 October 7, 2013

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Dr. Caruth ia an amazing doc. Love the new me and I feel more amazing than ever. I am 62 and feel 42 since I had the procedure.  My metabolism and energy are better than ever.  So happy I let Dr. Caruth create a new me. *

Lillian M 2012-08-15 October 7, 2013

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All I can say is Fantastic all the way around both for my new shape, Dr. Caruth, and all the amazing friendly warm helpful staff. I had no pain during the procedure and only mild soreness afterwards.  Thank you so much to everyone at Plano Aesthetics. *

Sara R 2012-11-05 October 7, 2013

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Dr. Caruth and his staff were awesome. His nurse kept reassuring me that I was doing something good for myself. They tried to make me feel as comfortable as possible. Dr. Caruth even phoned me the next day to check on me after the medication upset my stomach. *

Allison M 2012-12-07 October 7, 2013

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It was so much easier than expected, I was unsure what to think of an awake procedure because I’m nervous by nature. I was so relaxed and had very little pain, I was out in about an hour and it was great. I’m so excited! *

Angie G 2012-10-30 October 7, 2013

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You guys are both professional and kind. I have had no down time after my procedure. After driving home 5.5 hours I cooked dinner for my husband, did my usual chores and working today.  I am completely comfortable recommending Dr. Caruth and the entire staff. Thank you! *

MKT 2012-10-05 October 7, 2013