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An Alternative to the Scalpel

While entering our late thirties or early forties, some women begin noticing the changes in the their skin’s elasticity. We lean into the mirror, begin pulling and pressing at our cheekbones with our fingertips. And then it hits us. And we begin asking, “What is happening to my face?” And until now, the only way to medically approach the affects of time-gone-by, and of course, gravity’s affects on our aging faces has been with the scalpel, prompting women to wait much later in life to address their concerns about sagging jowls, “turkey necks” and lose skin. But with new technology like PrecisionTx we can address those concerns sooner. You no longer have to wait to reverse the signs of aging. Now, it can be done without stitches, or scars, or the extreme downtime of a conventional surgical lift.


  • Tightens  Sagging Skin
  • Sharpens Jaw Lines
  • Improves Jowls

The final results are natural looking.

(Patient 1 Month Post Op.)

What is a PrecisionTx Procedure?The PrecisionTx is a procedure featuring highly-advanced technology. It requires no general anesthesia and is performed in our office – sometimes in as little as thirty minutes. There are no stitches and no conventional incisions. And the downtime is minimal —  a few days at most. Once you’re here, Dr. Caruth will place behind the ears and under the chin, a micro-holed incision, smaller than the tip of a ballpoint pen, and then introduce numbing fluid at those entry points to keep you comfortable throughout the procedure. (The micro-holed incisions are  unnoticeable once healed.) Once you’re comfortable, the procedure begins with the insertion of the tiny, high-tech laser wand into the micro incisions.

Cannula used during procedure

Initially, you will notice an immediate difference, but also, in three to six months following your procedure, you will experience more gradual skin-tightening. Individual results may vary.

Patient 1 mos post op

Patient 1 Month Post Op

Photo of Patient 6 mos. post op

Photo of Patient 6 Mos. Post Op.

If you’re interested in learning more, contact our office and schedule a consultation with Dr. Caruth to determine if you’re a good candidate for the PrecisionTx procedure.