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Eyelash Enhancement Done Right

Plano Aesthetics now provides patients with the latest innovation in eyelash enhancement, Latisse. This unique medicine improves eyelash density, thickness and length. It has been well received by patients.

Results begin to show in 1-2 months and treatment is recommended for 16 weeks. Individual results may vary.

This new eyelash-boosting topical drug contains bimatiorist ophthalmic solution, the only clinically proven product to improve eyelash density, thickness and length. You must get a prescription from your physician.

Each night, apply a thin coat to the base of your upper eye lashes – where you would apply eyeliner. Once you’re happy with your lashes’ new length, cut back to a maintenance application schedule. If you stop using Latisse, your lashes will return to their original length within a few weeks.

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