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FaceTite™ is based on the successful technology behind BodyTite™ liposuction. FaceTite™ is a radio-frequency (RF) skin tightening treatment.  FaceTite™ is the most advanced lower face and neck skin tightening treatment currently available. The treatment is specifically designed to treat the lower face and neck areas.

The FaceTite™ procedure causes the skin to tighten by around 40% and results are instant, After treatment the skin will look and feel better over a period of 6 months, though there may be a degree of swelling for about seven days afterwards. Over a period of 6 months as new collagen is formed there will be a continuous improvement in the texture and firmness of the skin in the treatment area.

How long does FaceTite™ last?

FaceTite™ face and neck skin tightening treatment may last up to anywhere from five to seven years. The effects of treatment don’t wear off, but the natural ageing process will continue. It is thought that lifestyle and genetics play a part in how long the results last.

What areas can be treated with FaceTite™?

FaceTite™ face contouring can treat the lower face and neck to give a Brow lift, Cheeks, Jowls, and Nasolabial area (nose to mouth lines).

Is FaceTite™ painful?

You will be given a local anesthetic which reduces discomfort to very minimal levels. No general anesthetic is required. Most patients indicate pain level as very minimal.

How many FaceTite™ treatments would I need?

Usually one FaceTite™ treatment is all that is needed, but this will depend on the amount of skin laxity and the result you wanted to achieve.

Individual results may vary

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