Saggy Breast Fix With No Surgery?

ThermiTight... As seen on "The Doctors" on  October 18, 2016 Contact Us today or visit our ThermiTight page to find out more about this procedure.

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New Marie Claire Article talks about ThermiVa…

Follow the link to read the story at Marie Claire...  

New Marie Claire Article talks about ThermiVa… 2017-01-05T18:13:56+00:00

Dr. Caruth of Plano Aesthetics hosts ThermiVa Open House

Sexual health is just as important as any other heath concerns... Recently Dr. Caruth hosted an Open House at Plano Aesthetics to educate patients on the benefits of ThermiVa.   Of all the procedures Dr. Caruth has performed, he has had more satisfied patients thanks to the ThermiVa procedure. Sexual health makes a big difference in [...]

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Vaginal Tightening — ThermiVa

The Science of Heat & Restoring Sexual Health After the birth of our little angels, or even as we age, our vaginal anatomy can become, well…altered. Some of us might experience vaginal laxity or orgasmic dysfunction, where others might develop incontinence or dryness. These scenarios are not exclusive to just one woman. These are shared experiences [...]

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Psoriasis Awareness Month

Psoriasis Awareness Month             What’s your trigger? Stress? Skin Injury? Infection? Medications? The Weather? Are you experiencing a summer flare-up? When the sun saps moisture from the air and skin becomes dry and irritated, a flare-up could be on the horizon -- especially during August, the driest and hottest month [...]

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Kenna’s Kids 2014

Kenna's Kids 2014 Breana, Bryce, Caleb, Jace, Jackson and Thomas.  These names read and sound like they’ve been drawn straight from the-most-popular-baby-name-list. But something more serious binds these kids together. They all have something in common; they’re living with severe medical conditions. Breana:                      Hypoplastic Left Heart [...]

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Aging Gracefully

So what does it mean to Age Gracefully? Don’t fight it? Let it happen? Accept it? Let your hair go gray?  No, not really. According to one dictionary, grace is defined as effortless beauty. Aging gracefully. What a paradox. Sure, it takes zero effort to age; biology takes care of that. But it is not effortless [...]

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Feast on This

No Gobble, Gobble for the Holidays You want to look your best; you really do. But lately, while looking in the mirror, maybe while brushing your teeth, or drying your hair, you've noticed the gobble, gobble of the wattle, wattle. And it's like opening the front door and finding an uninvited-holiday-house-guest standing on your front porch.  [...]

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You've heard about it, right? MAN-o-pause. It does, in fact, have a "real" name and is a "real" condition. It's known as Andropause, the as-close-as-it-gets equivalent to women's menopause. But differences do exist between the two. Just like women and men in general. You know, the whole Mars vs. Venus thing. During menopause, a woman experiences hormone levels [...]

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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Feeling a little off bAlaNCe? How many of these symptoms can you identify with? Irregular periods: Changes in your period are often the first signal that your sex hormones are beginning to shift in perimenopause.] Sleep difficulties: Do you toss and turn as you try to sleep or wake up regularly in the middle of the night. [...]

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