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The Natural Alternative

For years, women have asked cosmetic surgeons, “Can you take some fat from down there and put it up here?” Prior attempts at autologous fat transfer to the breast have not proven to be successful due to poor techniques resulting in less than optimal fat survival.

New techniques in Natural Breast Augmentation employ the latest technological advances in fat harvesting, adult NaturalFill™ fat transfers, and breast splinting technology to provide women the option of enlarging their breast using their own fat without the use of non-natural implants.

This new innovative procedure is referred to as Natural Breast Augmentation or NaturalFill™ Breast Augmentation because it harbors one’s own fat and relocates that fat to the breast.

The end result is a breast enlargement that is very natural in appearance and feel without the risk of implants. Unlike implants, this procedure will not interfere with future Mammograms because they are more like natural breasts. Individual results may vary.

About Natural Breast Augmentation

One of the most remarkable medical advances in our lifetime has been the discover of a rich source of natural cells which live in our fat. Natural cell harvesting from the fat is 1000 times more effective than from the bone marrow. These fat derived adult natural cells have demonstrated a remarkable way to assist the body in healing and overcoming disease and tissue damage. Fat derived natural cells have been used recently to repair the heart muscle in patients who have had a recent heart attack and even in patients with long term heart failure. Natural cells have been shown to help regenerate ligaments, nerves, blood vessels, hair, skin, and organs. In the near future, every patient who undergoes liposuction will likely request that their natural fat cells be saved for future use by themselves or their loved ones.

Dr. Caruth is a the fore front of this exciting technology. Dr. Caruth utilizes proven technology to separate and activate the natural cells after the fat is removed and utilizes the natural cells to improve the survival of his fat transfer procedures. The Natural Breast Augmentation and NaturalFill™ Face Lift are now real options for patients. Dr Caruth also offers every liposuction patient the option of having their natural cells extracted and stored. This allows these natural cells to be used for future cosmetic procedures or more importantly for life saving therapy.

Dr. Caruth is a recognized expert in this area and is frequently asked to lecture to doctors world wide in the success of his techniques.

1: AquaShape gently removes fat, regenerative, and NaturalFill™ cells from abdomen.

2: Cells go into the natural processing system.

3: The natural processing system separates regenerative and natural cells from fat cells. The regenerative and natural cells are then washed and concentrated.

4: The concentrated natural cell mixture is combined with the fat cells.

5: The final mixture is injected into the breast, where it replaces tissue volume.

The NaturalFill™ Cells when injected with the help to:

  • Grow new blood vessels to feed the fat
  • Releasing anti-inflammatory substances to aid in healing
  • Release growth factors to tighten the skin over the breast

Actual Natural Breast Augmentation Patient Photos

Individual results may vary.