Aging Gracefully

So what does it mean to Age Gracefully?

chin up face pull pa

Don’t fight it?

Let it happen?

Accept it?

Let your hair go gray? 

No, not really.

According to one dictionary, grace is defined as effortless beauty.

Aging gracefully. What a paradox. Sure, it takes zero effort to age; biology takes care of that. But it is not effortless to age gracefully. Confusing, right? We have to make a conscious, continuous effort while participating in this whole aging/grace process thing, especially from the inside out. We must be constantly aware, sometimes vigilant, about eating healthily, staying away from artery clogging foods, taking age appropriate supplements, treating our skin with care, visiting our doctors and dentists regularly, working out, staying active, and keeping our emotional well-being in check, too. Aging gracefully isn’t effortless, but rather more like an appearance of effortlessness based upon our conscious efforts.

I am kind of partial to the late Nora Ephron’s humorous approach to aging.nora

“Our faces are lies and our necks are the truth. You have to cut open a redwood tree to see how old it is, but you wouldn’t have to if it had a neck.”

Well, Nora Ephron, today we can take care of ourselves by aging gracefully from not only the inside-out, but the outside-in, too. The ThermiRF procedure, a non-surgical procedure using radio frequency, or RF, technology can improve the sagging that occurs as we age gracefully at the jaw line, chin and neck area. RF technology has been around for many years in pain management treatment. So it’s not new, but is new to the aesthetic industry. The technology uses heat and probes and skilled doctors to defy gravity so we can age gracefully from the outside-in.

Technically speaking, the ThermiRF skin-tightening heats the percutaneous space and heats the tissue through radiofrequency. The temperature of the hand piece is self-regulated, heating the surrounding tissue to the desired temperature (usually 55-65°C).  At the same time, the epidermis is monitored via a real time infrared camera (40-43°C). This can be done in the office setting with local anesthesia, with or without liposuction. The procedure takes less than an hour.

elleThermiRF was also featured this month in the CHIN UP article of Elle Magazine.

 “It results in a building of collagen that will continue over the course of a year, but also has an immediate tightening effect because it contracts the tissue that overlies the muscle, which in turn causes contraction all the way through the fatty layer up to the skin.”

 ThermiRF can also be used on other areas of the body like on the back, or bra strap line, arms, and even the knees.

So in order to age gracefully, we must take care of ourselves from the inside-out and the outside-in. Because aging is effortless, but aging gracefully is not.

 “I look as young as a person can look

given how old I am.”

–Nora Ephron



 Here are real before and after photos to example the results of the procedure:

Before and After Neck ThermiTight



Effective treatment for many areas of the body.

Effective treatment for many areas of the body.


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