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Saggy Breast Fix With No Surgery?

ThermiTight... As seen on "The Doctors" on  October 18, 2016 Contact Us today or visit our ThermiTight page to find out more about this procedure.

Dr. Caruth of Plano Aesthetics hosts ThermiVa Open House

Sexual health is just as important as any other heath concerns... Recently Dr. Caruth hosted an Open House at Plano Aesthetics to educate patients on the benefits of ThermiVa.   Of all the procedures Dr. Caruth has performed, he has had more satisfied patients thanks to the ThermiVa procedure. Sexual health makes a big difference in [...]

Psoriasis Awareness Month

Psoriasis Awareness Month             What’s your trigger? Stress? Skin Injury? Infection? Medications? The Weather? Are you experiencing a summer flare-up? When the sun saps moisture from the air and skin becomes dry and irritated, a flare-up could be on the horizon -- especially during August, the driest and hottest month [...]

Man-Boobs, Man-Cans, Moobs…

3 Funny Names, 2 Types of Man-Boobs, 1 Serious Condition Gynecomastia & Psuedogynecomastia These are the formal, diagnostic names for the tongue-and-cheek term known as man-boobs. And despite the not-so-serious, urban-dictionary-style colloquialism, one of these can be a weighty medical condition, and both can cause emotional distress and/or psychological trauma. First, Gynecomastia is not caused by being [...]

Not Created Equal: Mineral Make-Up

In 1976, cosmetics firms were required to list ingredients on their products. This created a domino-style demand for more organic and natural products. Diane Ranger, the pioneer of mineral makeup, tapped into women’s concerns, into our worries about what we were slathering on our faces, and created what would become one of the first mineral [...]


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Now, the groom wants botox

We found a great article about the trend for men to receive cosmetic surgery.From the article:"Gender equality has got the metrosexual man doing something about his crows feet, sagging chest and tummy line.Grooms are booking all kinds of treatments in advance as they want to be ready for their big day.The number one treatment they [...]

Gifts of cosmetic surgery in vogue – Either for yourself or a loved one

We found a great article about giving the gift of cosmetic surgery.Key points:As the New Year brings vows of a “new you,’’ patients are treating themselves to gifts of cosmetic enhancements to jump-start their fitness and beauty resolutions.Some clients turn to liposuction in January, after a frustrating year of not losing weight.Some women come into [...]

Dr. Caruth Presents at the Gleneagles Country Club

Dr. Caruth was recently invited to speak to the Prestonwood Newcomers Club at the Gleneagles Country Club. There were about 85 women in attendance. He spoke for an hour and a half on all the services performed at Plano Aesthetics.Have an event you'd like Dr. Caruth to speak at? Email info at planoaesthetics dot com